Green carpet. Red sofa and cream armchair. Floral pillows and curtains. TV in the corner. Dining table and bookcase.


A popular spot with our residents is our tranquil library. This space allows residents to relax and read a book in a comfortable chair. We encourage all residents to take advantage of reading books regularly; from crime thrillers to romantic novels, there is an abundance of choice to be enjoyed by all.

Reading alone or in a group setting helps residents to engage their imaginations and provides topics of conversation for fellow residents and even their family to be a part of. Whether residents want to read alone in a cosy corner or enjoy a card game quietly with a fellow resident, our library is the ideal space to unwind.

A Plethora of Health Benefits

Reading can make a great difference to people’s health, therefore we highly encourage it. It is known to improve mental health, communication skills and encourage individuals to use their imagination. From reducing stress, to improving memory and even improving sleep patterns, reading is a must-have hobby. Simply reading for pleasure will greatly improve the mood of our residents and so our library will continue to be an inviting space.

Red sofa with floral cushions and matching curtains. Cream armchair. Green carpet. TV on cupboard. Striped cream wallpaper. Small photo on wall.

Something For All Interests

Our library strives to appeal to as many residents as possible by offering favoured classics like ‘Pride and Prejudice’ as well as more modern literature. No matter a resident’s choice of genre, our library shelves are sure to have a book for everyone to delve into. The library’s book collection is also updated on a regular basis which ensures that even the home’s bookworms will always find something new to enjoy.

A female in a dress and a female resident with a cane walking down the hallway together.
Three cream/yellow armchairs with floral pillows. Brown coffee table. Green rug. Pattern wallpaper and three painting on the wall.

What You’ll Find at The Ashton

At The Ashton Care Home, we have considerately designed an environment that ensures the overall wellbeing of our residents, supporting them with both medical and personal care as well as a lifestyle that meets their every need.




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A Cosy Setting

Social Opportunities

Library FAQs

Residents can immerse themselves in a variety of reading materials, including old classics and more recent releases. Additionally, residents can also sit back and enjoy a newspaper or magazine, with the possibility of arranging subscriptions to meet individual preferences. Please note this may incur additional costs.

Residents can expect a regular update to reading materials as we consistently strive to enhance our library’s collection. Furthermore, our shelves are often added to with generous book donations from members of the community, relatives, and local organisations.

Our library has been created to foster peace and wellbeing for our residents. Residents can embrace cosy armchairs and the gentle tones of carefully selected furnishings, all contributing to a serene and inviting reading environment.

Personalised Care from a Compassionate Team

Our staff goes above and beyond to provide excellent care here at our care home in Leicestershire. Our qualified team takes pride in delivering high-quality personal care that also respects the privacy and dignity of residents. 

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