Paved walkway to double door to building and seating area. Plants, trees and bushes. Iron fencing.

Landscaped Gardens

At The Ashton Care Home, we are fortunate to have our own landscaped gardens, offering residents a private outdoor space to stretch their legs, get some vitamin D and take in the natural beauty our garden provides.

If residents wish to enjoy some alone time or are wanting to invite family members for afternoon tea outside, our gardens are the perfect spot to truly unwind.

Gardening Facilities

When the sun is shining, our Activity Coordinator arranges for many activities to be enjoyed in our garden, including gardening. Residents can participate in gardening club, where residents can help to plant herbs in the herb garden, maintain the various plants and flowers throughout, as well as refill the bird feeders. There is always something to do to help. We encourage our residents to join in with outdoor activities to gain great health and social benefits.

Brick walkway. Lavender plants on left hand side. Three story building. Iron fencing.
plant pots

Summertime Entertainment

Summertimes at The Ashton Care Home are the months that are loved by residents and staff. We always attempt to make the most of the dry, warm weather whenever possible, and so we often host BBQs and outdoor entertainment outdoors, as well as an annual Summer Fete for residents, staff and family members. The outdoor activities on offer present great social opportunities where loved ones can also join in on the fun. 

Outside of The Ashton, with lots of greenery and a seating area.
Paved seating area surrounded by bushes and trees.

What You’ll Find at The Ashton

At The Ashton Care Home, we have considerately designed an environment that ensures the overall wellbeing of our residents, supporting them with both medical and personal care as well as a lifestyle that meets their every need.

Flower Beds & Plants

Outdoor Furniture

Admire Nature

Dine Outside

Enjoy Some Gardening

Fresh Air & Vitamin D

Landscaped Garden FAQs

Creating opportunities for our residents to spend time in the garden nurtures their connection with nature, enabling them to participate in outdoor activities and embrace fresh air and vitamin D. This contributes to various mental and physical benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved mood, enhanced cognitive function, better heart health, and increased balance and muscular strength.

Residents can engage in a multitude of outdoor activities within the garden, including walks, gardening, exercise sessions, and, weather permitting, the chance to dine with friends and family, participate in outdoor arts and crafts, and enjoy live entertainment.

Our care home has addressed the issue of accessibility to the garden for all residents by ensuring wheelchair-accessible paths, providing seating for those with mobility concerns, implementing secure fencing and gates, maintaining pathways, ensuring adequate lighting, and incorporating other safety features to prevent any accidents and prioritise the wellbeing of all residents.

Personalised Care from a Compassionate Team

Our staff goes above and beyond to provide excellent care here at our care home in Leicestershire. Our qualified team takes pride in delivering high-quality personal care that also respects the privacy and dignity of residents. 

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