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At The Ashton Care Home, our commitment extends beyond medical care to encompass the overall wellbeing of our residents, ensuring all their needs are fully met. We provide individuals with the facilities and amenities necessary to live confidently, happily and most importantly, independently. Our purpose-built, first-class care home offers a place where residents can make the most of every day, whether enjoying activities within the home or taking trips into the local community.

Our luxury minibus empowers residents to confidently plan outings, whether visiting the local town, meeting friends and loved ones, or picking up essentials from the shops. This complimentary service is available to all residents, ensuring they can travel to and from their desired destinations with ease.

Exploring Leicestershire in Style

Our services are tailored to support residents in every aspect of their lives, from organising enjoyable day trips to arranging private dental appointments. By offering a diverse range of mobility options and services, we have significantly benefited our past and present residents and will continue to support our future residents. Our goal is to promote an independent, active lifestyle free from the worries of daily logistics.

Live a Truly Independent Life

Our purpose-built care home provides a safe environment where residents can make the most of each day, whether by participating in activities within the home or taking trips into the local community. With everything they need practically at their doorstep, residents can enjoy the company of like-minded individuals as much or as little as they like. Living at The Ashton also brings the added peace of mind that exterior work, gardening and other major tasks are taken care of, not to mention the everyday worries of bills.

We strive for residents to view The Ashton Care Home as a five-star hotel—a place where they can live a rich, independent life.

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What You’ll Find at Alexander House

Our care home here at Alexander House has been considerately designed to cater to the wellbeing of our residents, ensuring they experience comfort, contentment, and a true sense of belonging. We strongly advocate for our residents to lead their lives as they wish, and we do everything within our power to facilitate this.

Attend Appointments

Meet with Family

Community Trips

Encouraging Independence

Luxury Transport FAQs

While reserving the minibus is not mandatory, its popularity often results in a fully booked schedule. To avoid disappointment, we recommend arranging your trip in advance.

We encourage our residents to fully utilise this amenity, whether for personal use or traveling with friends from the home. Whether it’s for a private appointment, a visit to the local garden centre, or meeting up with family, this service is readily available to our residents.

Our luxury transport offers ample space to get you where you need to go. However, if your group includes more than four people, we recommend using the minivan for your journey.

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